US-DK Green Energy (BD) Ltd.

SQ Group of Companies took over a new project of installing and commissioning of a 60MW Windmill Power Generation Project under the name of US-DK Green Energy (BD) Ltd. On May 15th 2014 the PPA and IA was signed between US-DK Green Energy (BD) Ltd. and the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) at a ceremony in Dhaka.

The PPA tariff is $120 per MWH and is assured through a sovereign guarantee (IA) with the Country of Bangladesh. Project site is located just northeast of Cox’s Bazar airport called Khurushkul. The Bangladesh Power Transmission Company is obligated to construct high tension electric lines between the site of the Windmill and the substation. UDGEL will be given preference by paying a fee of $100,000 per km of power line.

The total project cost is estimated at $120 million when fully commissioned. It is conservatively estimated that approximately 167,000MWH can be produced on the site on an annual basis if moderate turbine spacing is utilized as well as normal line and efficiency losses are applied. This equates to annual revenues of roughly $22 million.