About SQ Light

In 2014 stepped into a new project for manufacturing of Energy Saving Lamp to meet the huge demand of Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) of the country. The manufacturing plant is situated at Kewdhala, Modonpur, Bondor, and Narayngonj.

SQ Lights is fully equipped with a production facility of producing 300,000 nos. of CFL a month, and at present on an average of approximately 120, 000 nos. of CFLs are produced in each month for supply to retailers for sell. Covered area of this manufacturing plant is 8000 sft having a total 32 employees.

All the products are manufactured in strict accordance & compliance to International Standards like Bangladesh Standards (BDS), British Standards (BS), Union of German Electrical Engineers (VDE), American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and International Electro technical Commission (IEC).