8 Pin Switch

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13A 8 Pin Switched Socket with Neon
Model No.: SQE811
Max. OP. Current(Amp): N/A
Max. Operating Voltage: N/A
Maximum operating Current (Amp): 13A
Maximum Operating Voltage: 250V

Common Specification:
Flame Retardant & pure Poly Carbonate(PC) Plastic.
Modern Design with Glossy Finish.
Unique button design for easy operation.
Contacts made of Silver cadmium oxide(Agcdo) which has a good performance against electric arc and melt weld.
Metal parts are made of high conductive Copper alloys.
Radium Indicator.
Fixing Screws are invisible and covered with an insulated plate, so no possibility to get shocked.
Above 41,000 times ON/Off capacity.
Supplied with two screws M3.5 for BS boxes.
User convenient.

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